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HYBRID Humidifier & Purifier H680 $999.99 USD - Out of Stock The NEW H680 is an absolute all-rounder: Whether it is used as a Humidifier, Air Purifier or a combination of both – it satisfies all your needs.

Four Seasons 4-in-1 $159.99 USD Multiple functions can be used simultaneously providing comfort no matter what the weather brings! Cut the clutter with an air purifier, heater, fan & humidifier all in one Moisture-rich air purification with True HEPA technology Powerful heater warms any room efficiently, saving on energy bills Innovative circular airflow fan cools instantly Humidifier feature helps provide moisture to help avoid dry skin, scratchy throats and discomfort during dry seasons Operates quietly and efficiently Multiple settings allow you to adjust temperature and humidity to your comfort level - 900/1200/1500 watts Easy to read display panel Lightweight, easy to move from room to room

BONECO H300 Hybrid Humidifier & Air Purifier $379.99 USD The H300 is a true Hybrid which can be used as a humidifier, an air purifier, or both at the same time! Controlled by Bluetooth App on your smart phone, this product is a convenience and easy product to improve your indoor air quality.

HYBRID Humidifier & Air Purifier H400 with Water Tank $449.99 USD The H400 Hybrid Humidifier and Air Purifier provides multiple functions and easy of use to be a must have for any home or office!
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Our air treatment systems from BONECO healthy air stand for excellent quality, innovative solutions, expertise and an immeasurable wealth of experience going back over more than 50 years. As the leading manufacturer of top-quality air treatment products, the company’s Air Treatment Systems division ensures one thing above all: healthy air!