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F50 Personal Fan $29.99 USD The New F50 Personal Fan by BONECO is here! With its simple 2 speed touch control and USB-C powered connection, it can be used everywhere you have access to a computer, laptop, power or USB outlet.

F100 Desktop Air Shower Fan $69.99 USD The New BONECO F100 is a compact, tabletop circulation fan. Use it at its highest level for the signature air shower feeling or at its lower levels if you prefer more direct cooling.

F120 Pedestal Air Shower Fan $89.99 USD The New BONECO F120 is the perfect product for bedrooms or mid-sized rooms. It features a stylish and innovative single arm design to help achieve superior airflow.

F210 Floor or Tabletop Air Shower Fan $129.99 USD The New BONECO F210 creates powerful air circulation. The head of the fan can be rotated 270 degrees so it can be pointed virtually anywhere you’d like!
BONECO Air Shower Fans
What is an Air Shower?

Ordinary fans provide cooling by blowing directly on you and often have features such as oscillation to broaden the reach of cooling effect.  They also often lack the power and airflow to provide cooling across a room or when you are not in the direct path of the fan. 

The BONECO line of Air Shower Fans have been specially designed to move a greater volume of air and at fasters speeds to create a powerful stream of air and achieve superb air circulation.  This keeps the room’s air in constant motion to create a shower of air all around you, disperse any hot or cold spots, and keep the entire room more comfortable. 

The dynamic stream of air created by the BONECO Air Shower Fans allow for a range of uses and provide a year-round solution for temperature regulation.

·         Pull the fresh outdoor air inside your home
·         Direct air between multiple floors or rooms to achieve a more uniform temperature
·         Assist the air conditioner or furnace to achieve a more balanced temperature

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Our air treatment systems from BONECO healthy air stand for excellent quality, innovative solutions, expertise and an immeasurable wealth of experience going back over more than 50 years. As the leading manufacturer of top-quality air treatment products, the company’s Air Treatment Systems division ensures one thing above all: healthy air!