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Air Purifier P500 $379.99 USD The Air Purifier P500 is a true treasure. It helps provide healthy air to your home or office for your entire family!

Air Purifier P400 $299.99 USD The Air Purifier P400 gives you highly efficient air purification at home. Choose from three filters that meets your needs and enjoy fresh mountain air in every room.
BONECO Air Purifiers

BONECO Air Purifier systems remove even the smallest particles from the air, to ensure a clean and healthy atmosphere. Allergy suffers will enjoy great relief from the benefits of the system's unique filtering design.

  • Air purification according to personal preference: BABY / SMOG / ALLERGY (standard) filters available
  • Absorption of unpleasant odors from tobacco, cooking and animals that create breathing discomfort.
  • BONECO Air Purifier systems are extremely quiet, easy to handle and feature an exclusive functional design.

Swiss Concept, Swiss Technology and Swiss Design combine to actively promote a healthy environment in your home or office.

reddot design award winner

Our air treatment systems from BONECO healthy air stand for excellent quality, innovative solutions, expertise and an immeasurable wealth of experience going back over more than 50 years. As the leading manufacturer of top-quality air treatment products, the company’s Air Treatment Systems division ensures one thing above all: healthy air!