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AIR-O-SWISS AOS Fragrance Cup 2055 2055D

Air Washer 2055A/2055/2055D Fragrance Cup 2-in-1

Item # 32876

This Fragrance Cup 2 in 1 is a spare part for the 2055A, 2055 and the 2055D Air Washers. This special fragrance container holds wadding with some fragrance drops that is circulated through the room with the purified and humidified air. Place fragrances only in the container provided! Fragrance drops that seep into the water base could damage the unit. Water additives (e.g. essential oils, fragrances, water conditioners) must NOT be used in the tank or anywhere else in the appliance! The Fragrance Cup also features a key function that opens the disc pack. Be sure to order the correct parts for your model to keep your BONECO/AIR-O-SWISS unit functioning properly.
$9.99 USD

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