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A451 Anti-Mineral Pads

Item # 38370

The Anti-Mineral Pad decreases the calcification of the vaporizer basin and reduces the frequency of the necessary decalcification. Depending on the water hardness, the pad has to be exchanged every 2-4 weeks. Comes with 6 pads per box. Only use one pad at a time and remove prior to cleaning.

For use with the Steam Humidifer S200, S250 & S450

Directions to change Anti-Mineral Pad
  • In order to insert the Anti-Mineral Pad, remove the top cover as well as the water tank and the steam pipe from the unit
  • Now insert the supplied Anti-Mineral Pad directly into the steam tray and reassemble the appliance in the reversed order.
  • The Anti-Mineral Pad needs to be replaced as soon as it is completely full of lime (Anti-Mineral Pad hardens).

$15.99 USD

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